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February 11, 2011
  • I live in Louisville, Kentucky
  • I was born on February 14
  • My occupation is the Lord of what you see.
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  • Thekingsman

    I am sorry for the long wait but as some of you know I have been very busy for the last several months. One thing is my school work. I can't do anything about that but I am on summer break now. Plus, I had a lot of family issues. One thing my Grandfather has stage 3A lung cancer but the good news is it is in submission and it IS shrinking. Another, thing my Great Grandmother past away several months ago. She was 87. Also, my Grand Uncle developed a heart condition. So, yeah a lot of things did come up and are getting better.

    I had a lot things going on that I can't really do anything about. So, I will try to make more time on this Wikia and THANK YOU for not making a big list of massages.

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  • Thekingsman

    Now, from the day that I have been on this wikia. What are sub-powers? I know what they are but to be more specific lets say that I have Gravity Manipulation and most certainly as one of it's sub-powers is orbital force manipulation. The point in question is that orbital force manipulation has a new section of sub-abilities despite that most of them is gravity bast and gravity manipulation could do it. Now, orbital force manipulation could accomplish Chronolock as a sup-power. So my point is can gravity manipulation accomplish Chronolock since orbital force manipulation is a sub-power of gravity manipulation. 

    Wow, after that I think my brain needs to be bleached. lol

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  • Thekingsman

    I have been gone for sometime and the reason being is my late night job and just being procrastinated most of the time. My main concern is the fact that I just do not like non-cannon powers is taking over this website more or less. The fact is it is just not cannon and can't be considered "real" if you know what I mean. So, what I want you all to do is try to say in the articles that the ability is not cannon and it was fan made you all or by some one else.



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  • Thekingsman

    I am sorry for the late delay. I had family, and stress issues yesterday. Plus, I had one to two hours of sleep yesterday night.

    Okay, here are the results.

    14 - Kuopiofi

    8 - RnR

    9 - Gabriel

    Sorry that had to copy and past so it would look the same but it should be the same regardless of what I do. So, it works.

    It would seem that Kuopiofi, and Gabriel are the winners but to make this fair I will give RnR a secondary prize. One lower is status then a admin but it will help in vandal issues.

    Congrats on the these three users for working hard to improve this website.

    Over, and out.


    P.S. I will come here and there often so do not think that this is the last time that I type.

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  • Thekingsman

    Here are there reasons on becoming admins.

    Let me explain the rules. Everyone will have two votes. No revoting, no arguments, no changing there mind.Let the voting begin.

    Good luck to all of you.

    One final note. It does not matter who wins or looses it is the matter of having fun.

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