How the Multiverse appears

Before reality existed, there was merely The One. The One controls all of reality, and has never truly been seen. Some believe he is God, some believe he does not exist, it is all speculative.

However, what is known for sure is that the multiverse is very much real, and has been explored by various beings. Each reality is an alternate version of the Primoverse, which is where the stories in this verse take place.

Timeline of Stories

Depression Era: 

1930s Grand Haven
The earliest setting in the Villainousverse, the Depression Era takes place in 1930's Grand Haven, a very important American city. This section of the verse focuses on Jared Darrister and his war on crime in the city. This section of the verse is extremely dark and sinister compared to the other parts of the verse, with gang wars, corruption and atrocious crimes everywhere you look. It also shows a world of pre-meta-humans (usually anyway) and a dark look at how the criminal underworld operates. It also shows the rise and fall of various important figures in American criminal history, like Jimmy Quals, Hypnos, and Terrance Rose, among others.

Current Era:

As the name suggests, the Current Era takes place in modern times. The Current Era is split into three different sections of stories, The Meta-Human Crisis, The Supernatural Side, and Space Stories. All sections focus on a different aspect on life in modern times in the Villainousverse and often cross paths with one another.

Grand Haven

Modern Grand Haven

In the Meta-Human Crisis stories, the focus is on the lives of various Meta-Humans and how the world reacts to their existence. While some support them, others see them as a major threat to humanity. Both sides of the argument are justified with various Meta-Human Heroes along with Meta-Human villains, among them lots of Meta-Human supremacists. This section of the verse mainly takes place in modern Grand Haven.

The Supernatural Side stories focus more on the magic and monsterous side of the world, following the adventures of Dane Tyler, a monster hunter dedicated to destroying evil monsters wherever they are. This section has no main setting, as Dane always is on the move in his hunt, and often crosses with the Meta-Human Crisis section. Another main focus is showing how humans themselves can be monsters, with examples like Leroy Rooker.

The third section of the Current Era are the Space Stories, which mainly revolve Skilara and the I.C.E. and how they interact with Earth. It shows how intrecate the galaxy is and how many other civilizations exist outside of the solar system, some being friendly and some being hostile.

Meta-Human Levels

There are five levels when measuring the power level of a Meta-Human, and those levels are:

Alpha Level: These Meta-Humans either have mimimal power, or have abilities that are completely passive/underdeveloped. Oliver Hogue, despite his very powerful ability is a good example, as his ability is completely passive, with him having no control of it.

Beta Level: These Meta-Humans are often in the discovery phase of their powers, often not being able to control how they are used or their effects.

Gamma Level: Gamma Level Meta-Humans are Meta-Humans with considerable experience with their powers. These Meta's can often utilize various abilities at once as well. Dieter Teufel, Allan Creed, and Tyko Lars are good examples of this type.

Delta Level: Delta Level Meta-Humans have either strangely powerful versions of abilities, or near full-life experience with their abilities. Many old Meta-Humans are this level, and Nathan Jueik qualifies, as his superior telepathy, Freedman abilities and consistently gaining new powers puts him far above Gamma Level Meta-Humans.

Epsilon Level: Epsilon Level Meta-Humans are essentially Meta-Humans with powers that make them walking forces of nature. An example of this would be  Alex Forrester, who's abilities make him unstoppable.

Alternate Universes

In the Multiverse, all universes are given a number and an X rating. This scale was constructed by the Redeemer of Skilara after he had gone into the Multiversal Rift. This is how the X rating works.

X1: Very similar to the Primoverse, with typically only one to four distinct differences.

X2: Relatively similar to the Primoverse, typically with five to ten distinct differences.

X3: Relatively distant from the Primoverse, with usually ten to twenty distinct differences.

X4: Very distant from the Primoverse, with over twenty distinct differences.

Nazi Domination (Earth-07 x1):

In this alternate timeline, the Axis Powers won World War II, accomplishing their goals of world domination in the process. The world is split into three Superpowers, the Nazi Reich, the Empire of the Sun, and the Italo-Greek Regime. The Nazi Reich owns Europe, the Middle East, and North America, the Empire of the Sun owns Asia, Australia and South America, while the Italo-Greek Regime owns Italy, Greece and Africa. However, Africa is used as a testing ground for new weapons and war games, with the native African's used as test subjects, thus Africa is essentially useless to the Italo-Greeks.

The stories of this verse mainly focus on the underground resistence in North America, with alternate versions of Eric Val and Alonzo Black being members. Along with that, it shows the lives of various Meta-Human officers who enforce the laws in North America, like Dieter Teufel, Allan Creed, and Nathan Jueik. In the Fascist world they live in, even Meta-Human members of the NAO (Nationalist Agents for Order, essentially the Gestapo) face discrimination. All Meta's level 3 and lower are treated with disdain, like Dieter and Allan are. As for non-enforcer Meta's, they are either put into secret facilities to supply power or something else of the like, or they are sent to "Protection Units", which are similar to the concentration camps for Jews and Slavs.

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