Der Fuhrer
"Absolutism is the only true way of protecting our fellow man."
― Der Führer speaking on his form of government.

Name: N/A

Aliases: Der Führer, The Leader, Our Guide, The Absolutist, The Mastermind, The Iron Chancellor

Age: 42

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Theme: Sabaton - Rise of Evil

Powers: Psychic Draining, Psionic Power, Absolutionist, Absolutism Embodiment, Impact Absorption, Immortality

Motto: "Obidience to the Order is the only true way live."

Quotes: N/A

Origin: Der Fuhrer was a Nazi advisor to Adolf Hitler in World War Two, and was close to him. However, once the Nazi Party was forced into the Führerbunker, he began plotting against his leader. He created two plans with his close friends. If Nazi Germany where to survive the war, they would stage a coup against Hitler. If it began to seem too hopeless, they would retreat and lie low for some years, then imerge in a new nation. The second of these happened, and all of Albert's advisors escaped. Years later, they founded the nation of Das Reichland.