Overview: During his exploration and manipulation of the Multiverse, Nolan Dallas created a new dimension, known as Eraniar. In Eraniar, he created many powerful beings, made to embody various aspects of the life in Eraniar. Some of these beings were there to destroy what Nolan had built, some were there to protect it. These were the champions. Each had their own goals and agendas. While some banned together to unite under a common goal, some destroyed each other without mercy. Urania, the center of this world, was a manget for these champions, and is where they eventually met up, to become allies or enemies. Nolan himself took upon a new disguise, calling himself Xurnos, and playing a major role in the conflict sparked between these champions. As Xurnos, he is worshipped as a god among the citizens Eraniar. 

Nolan as Xurnos

Two Factions eventually formed between the champions.

Makiar: The "Good" faction.

Lamiath: The "Evil" faction. 



Name: Baarus

Aliases: Devil of the Sea, River Raiser, Sinbad

Allegiance: Himself

Motto: "Do as you please."

Abilities: Combat Embodiment, Water Embodiment

Traits: Adventurous, Bold, Excitable

Weapons: Twin Swords


Name: Belura

Aliases: The Corpse, The Scourge of Eraniar, Barbaric Brute

Allegiance: Tribe of the Hand, Himself

Motto: "Stay out of my way."

Abilities: Decay Embodiment, Violence Embodiment, Intimidation

Traits: Violent, Self-centered, Greedy

Weapons: Blunt Sword


Name: Erin

Aliases: The Lone One, Drifter, Blades

Allegiance: Makiar

Motto: "Never stop moving."

Abilities: Freedom Embodiment, Ambition Embodiment, Drifting

Traits: Loner, Serious, Cynical

Weapons: Throwing Knives, Cutlass


Name: Eve

Aliases: Freedom Fighter, Golden Knight, Joan

Allegiance: Makiar

Motto: "Defend the weak."

Abilities: Hope Embodiment, Strength Embodiment

Traits: Noble, Compassionate, Hopeful

Weapons: Sword


Name: Harkens

Aliases: Mechanical Monster, The Killer, The Clunker

Allegiance: Lamiath

Motto: "Beware my wrath."

Abilities: Technology Embodiment, Calamity Embodiment, Juggernaut Momentum

Traits: Determined, Angry, Bloodthirsty

Weapons: Fists


Name: Hex

Aliases: One Eye, Cyclops, Mr. Earth

Allegiance: Makiar

Motto: "Help those in need."

Abilities: Earth Embodiment, Memory Embodiment, Panmnesia

Traits: Kind, Calm, Calculating

Weapons: None

Name: Ishen

Aliases: Lord of Chaos, Prince of Insanity, The Vampire

Allegiance: Lamiath

Motto: "Chaos is truth."

Abilities: Chaos Embodiment, Madness Embodiment

Traits: Sadistic, Power Hungry, Chaotic

Weapons: Double-Edged Sword


Name: Kata

Aliases: Queen of Lies, The Traitor, She Who Roams the Night

Allegiance: Lamiath

Motto: "A perfect lie is the truth."

Abilities: Fraud Embodiment, Treachery Embodiment

Traits: Devious, Scheming, Sadistic

Weapons: Swords


Name: Killian

Aliases: The Gunslinger, The Ranger, Outlaw

Allegiance: Makiar

Motto: "Shoot those who oppose you."

Abilities: Reliability Embodiment, Trust Embodiment

Traits: Tough, Straightforward, Humorless

Weapons: Pistols


Name: Maeve

Aliases: Scorch, Flamer, Candle

Allegiance: Herself

Motto: "Burn brighter than everyone else."

Abilities: Fire Embodiment, Heat Embodiment

Traits: Fun Loving, Seductive, Funny

Weapons: None


Name: Naric

Aliases: King of Evil, The Schemer, Deviant

Allegiance: Lamiath

Motto: "All belongs to me."

Abilities: Evil Embodiment, Sin Embodiment

Traits: Sadistic, Sinister, Serious

Weapons: Spellbook


Name: Quenton

Aliases: Angel of Light, The Guardian, Flight

Allegiance: Makiar

Motto: "Everyone is obligated to do good."

Abilities: Light Embodiment, Cold Embodiment, Flight

Traits: Kind, Caring, Joyful

Weapons: None


Name: Relik

Aliases: Night Man, King of Animals, The Dark One

Allegiance: Makiar

Motto: "All living things must be protected."

Abilities: Night Embodiment, Animal Embodiment

Traits: Rational, Thoughtful, Creative

Weapons: Dagger


Name: Vissina

Aliases: The Dreamer, Dancer, Raina

Allegiance: Makiar

Motto: "Mankind needs more good."

Abilities: Knowledge Embodiment, Dream Embodiment

Traits: Kind, Quiet, Intelligent

Weapons: None


Name: Zyra

Aliases: Mistress of Magic, The Storm, The Cloaked

Allegiance: Herself

Motto: "I do what's in my interest."

Abilities: Magic Embodiment, Storm Embodiment

Traits: Assertive, Loner, Serious

Weapons: Staff