1930s Grand Haven
Summary: Grand Haven wasn't always the shining symbol of American Capitalism that it is in the 21st Century. During the Great Depression it was one of the most corrupt cities in the country. Most of the police force was paid off, crime was higher in Grand Haven than in most other cities, and the people who ultimately had the power were the crime bosses, most notably Terrance Rose. Most local business' give some of their profits to at least one of the criminal organizations, and there are far more lone crimes (Muggings, Murders, etc.) than in most cities in the United States. During the Prohibition (a few years before the stories in Grand Haven take place), alcohol was so easy to come by that it was sometimes even sold publicly. Grand Haven is also a place of lots of fear (for obvious reasons). Those who aren't "under the protection" of the crime lords of the city never know when their lives will collide with that of a criminal organization, and how much they'll have to do for said organization. An even worse scenario for a citizen of Grand Haven would be  encountering people like the Gang of Buck Street or Hypnos, people who will just kill them for fun. 

Notable Locations in Grand Haven

Candie Boardwalk
Candie Boardwalk: One of the most common hang-outs for citizens of Grand Haven and one of the most dangerous places to be, Candie Boardwalk is where it all goes down. There's various shops set up and carnivals to visit for the average man. But if you're a criminal, Candie Boardwalk is a place of opportunity. Various deals go down there and there are lots of people mug and shops to turn over. Candie Boardwalk was also the location of the "10:30 Scatter", where a lone trigger man working for Terrance Rose opened fire on a crowd watching a demonstration at exactly 10:30 PM. This was ordered by Rose to instill fear in the citizens of Grand Haven and to let them all know who the new big man in town was. Candie Boardwalk is by far the most popular place in the city and a common phrase in Grand Haven is "Dancing at Candie's", meaning hanging out there.

The Dreamers Guild Headquarters: The Dreamers Guild is a group that's been labeled by the masses as a group of rich individuals who want to maintain their wealth by keeping the poor as poor as possible. Founded by Henry Lexington during the Panic of 1873 to ensure the wealthy maintain their wealth, they believe strongly in the American Dream and will do lots of things to stay wealthy during the Great Depression. Many Grand Haven socialites are seen here discussing business affairs and things of that nature. The current leader of the Guild is H.W. Burns, who is an associate and business partner of Terrance Rose, who is also a high ranking member in the Dreamers Guild and uses it as a cover for all his illegal operations in Grand Haven.

Organized Crime in Grand Haven:


Finewoods Gentlemen's Club

The Arlington Association: The main source of crime in Grand Haven is the Arlington Association. Starting out as a simple bootlegging and loan sharking operation in the south side of Grand Haven, they eventually rose to power as their leader, Terrance Rose, successfully killed off many other major players in the crime industry of Grand Haven, taking lots of territory for himself (this massive grab for power being called the Grand Haven Purges). Now running most of the city aside from a few other gangs and criminal organizations, Terrance Rose is one of the most important figures in Grand Haven. They operate out of the Finewoods Gentlemen's Club, the straight front of the Arlington Association. The Arlington Association is also named after Charlie Arlington, the one who founded the AA but was shot by Andrew Quals' men during the Gutter War.