Lord Gandhi
Name: Mahatma Gandhi

Aliases: Destroyer of Worlds, The Master of Nukes, The Nefarious Nuke Meister, Our Lord, Savior and Master Who Saves Us From Our Sins and is a God Among Men

Age: Eternal

Theme: Andrew W.K - Ready to Die

Powers: Our Lord and Savior, The Will of the Lord, Omnikinesis, The Wrath of Gandhi, The Unholy God

Motto: "Kneel before me, or face my wrath."

Quotes: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world... Then nuke the shit out of it!"

"Our words are backed with NUCLEAR POWER!"

"I suggest you build a fallout shelter!"

Origin: This version of Gandhi was a far more immoral one from an alternate universe. Being born the most powerful Meta-Human of all time, he turned his unholy power upon an unsuspecting world, forcing them to bend to his will. As he established a mighty empire, he began using his nuclear powers upon all countries that were not India. After the nuclear holocaust was over, he recreated Earth in his "perfect image", a united and purely Indian world, which would soon take it's rightful place as the only power in the Universe.