"My antics are a work of art."
― Fegelein on his work

Name: Hermann Fegelein

Aliases: Fegelarse, The Master of Antics, Himmler's Protégé, Troll of the Bunker, The Fegimal, The Opportunist, The Accursed, Fegel-Conda, The Asshole in the Bunker, Fegel-Menace

Age: 38

Species: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Theme: Adolf Hitler - Fegel-Conda

Powers: Immortal Antic, Antic Pulling, Safe Antics, Trickster, Loyalty (To the Antic Order)

Motto: "Antics are the way to go."

Quotes: "Break my controller and I'll shove a firecracker up your ass."

"No! What do I look like to you, a taco genie?"

"Now everyone, give it up for our first musician of the night... RICK ASTLEY!"

Origin: Fegelein was your typical SS officer throughout most of World War Two. However, once Hitler and his posse were forced into the bunker, Fegelein revealed his true nature as an Antic Master. Constantly pulling off insane pranks (or "antics" as they are refered to), mostly on Hitler, he has become a menace with few friends and many enemies. Despite this, he is completely unstoppable, not being able to be killed for long periods of time. He is easily amused and will do anything he wants, especially if it involves annoying or injuring his comrades.