Name: Savage Jihad (True name unknown)
Savage Jihad

Aliases: Fauk Ur Betch, Allah's Awesome Emissary, Son of Jihad

Age: 37

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Theme: Allahu Trapbar

Powers: Self-Detonation, War Inducement, Insanity Inducement (via yelling "Allahu Akbar" repeatedly at his hostages), Bullet Hell (via the Allah AK, only shoots at the sky)

Motto: "Allahu Akbar!"

Quotes: "Die infidel scum!"

"You filthy westerners never learn!"

"Perpare yourselves for the final jihad!"

Origin: One day the man known as Savage Jihad was walking through the desert, when a terrorist on a camel came and spoke to him. He explained how Savage Jihad had special powers, and must use them for the cause of jihad. Savage Jihad accepted this duty and has been unleashing holy jihad on filthy infidels ever since.