Romulus Caligari
"When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow."
― Ursula K. Le Guin

Name: Romulus Caligari

Aliases: Tinkerer of Death, The Night Walker, Darkness, Commander of Darkness, Scribe of Oblivion, Life's Parasite

Age: Unknown

Species: Estryan

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Theme: Avantasia - Toy Master

Powers: Estryan Darkness, Shadow Magic, Intimidation, Jinx, Form Shifting, Formlessness, Preflex, Monochrome Presence, Unrestricted Movement, Supernatural Condition, Psychic Shield, Darkside View, Lightaker (Grants Light Invisibility)

Motto: "Everything is revealed in the dark."

Quotes: "It seems you truly do not understand. I am the evil inside your heart, the sins you lock inside. How do you expect to defeat a being of pure darkness, born of the darkness in ones heart? Your plan may seem foolproof, but that is merely because you are the fool. You have no hope. You have no chance. And you certainly have nowhere to run."

"Foolish pirate, what have you to gain from helping these imbeciles? They will merely hold you back and prevent you from reaching your true dream: freedom. They will chain you to the bottom of the ocean and leave you there, stranded and alone once they are done. You mean nothing to them. Once you have played your part, you'll be dead weight. If you don't believe me, merely gaze upon my form. I am born of evil, feed on it. I know evil when it is there. And with them, their intentions for you are nowhere near pure."

Origin: Romulus is an Estryan, a wraithlike being created as a reflection of the darkness in the soul of another. Romulus was speculated to have been created hundreds of years ago via a spell that brought the evil of the affected to life. The person affected by the spell that created Romulus must have been a person with much kindness in their heart, and Romulus is one of the most powerful and evil Estryans known. Using his abilities to take the souls of unsuspecting victims, he hopes to one day take enough souls to sustain himself permanetly, so he can forever rule the lands of Kiliar from the shadows.