Royal Stronghold

The Skilarian Royal Stronghold, residence of King Carolus

Bio: The Kingdom of Skilara was founded during the early medieval age on Earth. The molder of reality, Nolan Dallas, decided to take various humans from medieval Scotland, Germany, and Scandinavia and put them on a different planet with Earth-like conditions. While expecting a total massacre of the population, he was surprised to find that despite differences, they cooperated to create a new civilization in this desolate world. They eventually decided to identify as "Skilarians" and surprisingly thrived on Skilara. To fit this, Nolan created various beasts to scare and slaughter the Skilarians, but the Skilarans were proud and strong, killing off the good majority of the vile creatures Nolan developed. With this smaller, more cooperative world, they advanced far further than Earth did in the same span of time. By the 1700's on Earth, they had developed space travel, and began forming colonies on nearby planets, which were also habitable. They also made contact with various other space races, most notably the I.C.E., who they eventually became mortal enemies with. They eventually became an economic powerhouse in the Milky Way and when finding them, developed close ties with their fellow humans on Earth, despite disagreeing with how divided Earth is.

Political Structure

Skilara, as implied by it's full name, is a monarchy. They are governed by King Carolus, who has led the Skilarian 


King Carolus Elrison

people for almost 200 years. However, he does not have absolute power as it is what we could call a constitutional monarchy. He has a group of advisers known as Generals that are voted in based on military merit. Despite typically trying to avoid war, Skilarians are proud and strong, with the civilization's main heroes, icons and philosophers being or having been military men and women. The military is so important and powerful in Skilara due to the monsters created by Nolan, which the military forces often fight against.

In regards to how the people interact with the government, they vote in Generals as previously stated and every citizen votes on laws proposed by the Generals. Similarily to the United States, Carolus can reject laws that are set to pass, but if the same amount of people want it to pass or higher, it will go through. Currently, however, Carolus has never rejected a proposition, seeing himself as both a leader and servant to his people.

Catherine Roth

Head General, Catherine Roth

Currently, Catherine Roth is the Head General in Carolus' cabinet. She is one of the most important political figures in Skilara, holding almost as much power as Carolus himself. She is also in charge of the Beastial Hunts, the act of sending the Skilarian military to dispatch it's forces against Beastials. Along with that, she also acts as a sort of Minister of War when war arises with another civilization. Having served as Head General for quite some years, she has lots of experience in dealing with other civilizations, most often the I.C.E., and it's leader the Ambassador, who just like Carolus, she hates with a burning passion, finding him to be a disgusting creature.


Skilarian Berzerker

A Berzerker with a Beastial Head

Skilarian Berzerkers: Berzerkers are the elite foot soldiers of the Skilarian Military. They use mystic stews and other enhancements to gain an unstoppable bloodlust in combat, sending fear and panic to their enemies, and sometimes even using that fear to physically enhance their strength. While their armor and weapons seem outdated, the blades they wield are made of Uutalpian (Known as Utopium by Earth Humans), the strongest known metal in the universe. They also use vibration emitors on the blades to make them vibrate so fast that they can cut through nearly anything. Their armor is made up of nano-machines that can withstand up to five hundred thousand tons of force, with the parts of their armor that is exposed to be covered by a force field. They are put up front of the military due to their overwhelming strength and durability, plus the fear they induce, and are usually given some of the highest regards in all of the Skilarian Military. Many of them are also hired by other civilizations as mercenaries to help the Skilarian's maintain their honor among the other empires of the galaxy.
Noran Tavish

Noran Tavish, the greatest archer in Skilara

Skilarian Hunters: Typically infusing magic with technology, Hunters are archers who use magical enchantments to better improve their Uutalpian arrows with vibration emitors, often allowing them to burst into flames, become electrified, freeze targets or even disintegrate them. Hunters typically stay behind the battlefield as their marksmanship knows no bounds due to the arrows using tracking technology against opponents. Another feature the arrows have are that they can adjust their own speed by scanning the speed of the enemy, so if one of their enemies can run faster than the arrow initially goes, it will change its speed to catch that target. 

Even when in close combat, however, Hunter's are deadly. They are masters of Courian, a martial art originally used by guards to protect the Skilarian King and focused around dominating your opponent through hard hits and near-unbreakable holds. Most Hunter's also know pyromancy along with their enchantments as well, which could be turned on their enemies.

Skilarian Mage
Skilarian Shrouds: Shrouds are another support type in the Skilarian army. They are mages who utilize pyromancy and necromancy to either help the offense or bring back dead soldiers, or to enhance living one's abilities. They also control nano-machines, allowing them to quickly rebuild defenses or build new walls to block the enemy. They are also master swordsmen, and some shrouds have even been known to have the same skill level with a sword as King Carolus, who is regarded as one of the greatest swordsmen in the galaxy. One of their main jobs is also to find and hunt down Beastial's on Skilara wherever they hide, making them invaluable to the continutation of the Skilarian war machine and training.
The Redeemer

The Redeemer: The Redeemer is an artificial intelligence that is used by the Skilarian Military as a final resort against either a superior force or a very powerful Beastial. The Redeemer's exterior is made of pure Uutalpian, making him practically indestructable by physical means. He also is capable of manipulating Diver Force, allowing him to manipulate or destabilize about anything he desires, especially his own existence. His A.I. is also so advanced that he can perfectly predict and counter any attack, even from the most unpredictable or powerful beings, nor be hacked by any form of complex code or virus. He can also kill anything capable of being killed, making him the only person to ever kill the Ambassador, who's healing factor allows him to come back from even molecular destruction.