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Bio: For thousands of years, the universe has been terrorized by the empire known as The Intergalactic Collective Empire and the Typiants that inhabit it. Originally a humble and quiet species on the planet A-1, the Typiants were eventually changed. They were given the ability of Self-Spawn by Nolan Dallas. Along with that, Nolan created a leader for the Typiants, who would come to be known as The Ambassador. Giving the Ambassador the simple purpose of conquest and high scientific knowledge, he soon began to turn his simple dronelike people into a massive war machine. Within only a thousand years, the I.C.E. had expanded to inhabit ever planet with sentient life in the Striza Galaxy. Using his immense knowledge and numberless amount of workers, he quickly began developing new and extremely powerful technologies with which he would start using to conquer the entire universe.

There is no language in the I.C.E., as all drones speak telepathically, and due to every citizen of the I.C.E being a drone, there is no politics, crime, or ethics. There's also no hunger or disease due to Typiant physiology, giving them Self-Sustenance and Disease Immunity.

Typiant Physiology

Abilities Typiants have are: