Virgil Bishop
"He's not merely one of the most vile rulers of all time. Not only one of the most vile humans of all time. He's one of the most beings of all time."
― Alonzo Black on Virgil

Name: Crown Prince Virgil Bishop III

Aliases: The True King, The Blood Prince, The Black Prince of Blüdfurt, The Scourge Incarnate, The Unholy Emperor

Age: 33

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Theme: Audiomachine - Death Eaters

Powers: X Development, Skin Hardening,  Stone Stare, Supernatural Condition, Acidic Blood (Grants Vampiric Toxicity), Replication, Dead Adviser, Kinetikinesis, Determination, Immobility

Motto: "Earn what you gain."

Quotes: "You expect to stop me? Pathetic. Your power does not even come close to rivaling mine. While I admire your courage, I must prove how foolish it was for you to attack me."

"Solca's intentions are the best, I can assure you. We merely wish to establish economic ties in the region, nothing more. If we were to want the land itself we would have resorted to violence immediately. And while I appreciate your fear of our capabilities, I do not appreciate you meddling in our affairs."

Origin: Virgil is the crown prince of Solca, a small nation that occupies the north of Bulgaria and south of Romania. Despite his father being the Emperor, he's exremely ill and Virgil has been in charge for three years. Although rule in the country has changed, the way it's governed has not. Virgil is an all-powerful dictator and uses his Meta-Human abilities to keep the populace in check. Along with being a Meta-Human, he's an X-Human, constantly gaining new abilities. So far, he has the fastest power development rate, with one each two months (While Nathan gains one every three, and Samuel gains one every four).

Currently: Virgil has stayed within the borders of Solca for some time now, residing in the Imperial Palace in Blüdfurt. It's believed he's plotting a take over of the Balkan States, but that is unknown.