Viktor "speaking" right to the viewer

Name: Viktor (Surname Unknown)

Aliases: That one guy who can't talk right, Demo

Age: Unknown, believed to be mid-20's

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Leitmotif: Zirk - Russkaja

Powers: Weapon Proficiency"Fiction Syndrome"Explosive TouchExplosion Immunity, Hacking Intuition, Hidden ArsenalEnhanced Condition, Unpredictability, NuisanceRage Form (When his mask is removed), Word Manifestation (In the form that he mumbles words that cannot be understood because of his gas mask and the words will physically appear beside him so people can understand his speech)

Viktor's Spray

Viktor's Symbol

Motto: "Let's have a party!"

Quotes: "You're all idiots, and I love you all!"

"It's too my knowledge that giving knowledge is stupid."

"BING BONG!" (What he says before using "The Suitcase")

Origin: Very little is known about Viktor's past due to him having no truly close friends or family and him always changing the story. All that's known is he's Slavic in ethnicity. It is also unknown how he knows that he is fictional, but he claims it "came to him in a dream."

Currently: Right now Viktor is working as a bounty hunter who is known for his demolition work. Recently he's been forced to work with Lawrence Grey on a few cases, much to Lawrence's displeasure. Despite Lawrence being a hero, Viktor is not and will take on any mission that offers enough cash for his interest.