"He is going to burn everything we have if we do not stop him!"
― Dieter Teufel to Allan Creed

Name: Tyko Lars

Aliases: Cypher, The Immortal Soul, The Earth Scorcher

Age: 28

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Theme: Mad Caddies - Villains

Powers: Imitation, Unrestricted Movement, Knowledge via Murder, Pyrokinesis, Immortal Soul, Past Life Awareness, Chaos Spreading, Enhanced Speed

Motto: "Knowledge is a burning fire, waiting to be utilized."

Quotes: "The only that is assured in this world is destruction. That and knowledge. Both of those are eternal, and both go hand in hand. So it's only natural I take both and use them to my advantage. I shall destroy everything and everyone in my way, taking their knowledge for my trouble."

"Oh, don't let that flamethrower throw you off. I can make weapons with my own two hands as well."

"The fires of Hell are gonna fiest upon your dumb ass tonight, friendo!"

Origin: Tyko was born a unique type of Meta-Human, one with various abilities. However, this is due to his first Meta-Human ability, that being Reincarnation and Past Life Awareness. With that, his soul has gone into various Meta-Human hosts, and he's been able to keep all the powers that came with those bodies. Another thing he kept from his previous lives is his intentness on spreading chaos, and with this current life (being Tyko Lars) he gained a new ability, gaining all the knowledge of people whom he's murdered. With this, he has even more motivation to kill people, and he intends to use the knowledge he gains to take control of the world.

Currently: Tyko is currently working as an independant mercenary, travelling the world and killing people for money. However, he's taken a break from it to wage war on the Faceless Army, due to his hatred of Communism.


The first body with Tyko's is known to have inhabitated was in Ancient Rome, which is known because each life he has his name is Tyko.

Tyko is a pyromaniac, and will not suppress his love for setting things on fire.

Tyko loves barbecue, especially ribs.

In his two previous lives since the Communist Revolutions in Russia, Tyko has always hated Communists. In his current life, he's gone so far as to even wage war on the Faceless Army because of their Stalinist beliefs.

Tyko has only felt remorse for his crimes once, when he accidentally burned down a slum somewhere in South America.

Tyko is often a highly xenophobic & racist individual, to a near comedic extent. This is ironic, as his soul has inhabited bodies of all races.

In World War Two, Tyko was inhabiting the body of a French Soldier. He however lies about this, often claiming to have been a Nazi General, mostly for shock value plus the fact that France is one of the countries he hates most.

Tyko enjoys football, with him often watching it in his spare time. He hates the Washington Redskins, for reasons stated above. His favorite team is the Buffalo Bills, as he mistakingly thinks they're named after the serial killer from Silence of the Lambs.