As "Jack Smith"

Name: The Ambassador

Aliases: The Emissary, The Leader, Jack Smith

Age: 16,000 Years

Species: Typiant

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Theme: Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King

Powers: Domination, Uncrackable Psychic Shield, Instant Healing, Subatomic Reforming, Intuitive Aptitude, Mimicry, Speed Combat, Strength Combat, Implacability, Bullet Time, Unpredictability, Multitasking, Telekinesis, Hive Connection,  Omnipresence (Only on I.C.E. Planets), Self-Spawn  (He can control this power unlike all other Typiants)

Motto: "The Collective grows."

Quotes: "The Collective is comparible to what you humans refer to as wasps. Much like these so called wasps we are a large empire of drones, under the command of a queen, or in this case, Ambassador. Also similiar to wasps, we sting to survive. Now you may accept the Conversion willingly or we will be forced to sting."

"Why would you want to be unique? Efficiency is defined by everyone being able to do the same job under the command of a single iron will. That is why we are a Collective. We must cut creativity and ethics for our evolution. Try to understand I myself do not like it. Being the only truly sentient member of your race, the only truly sentient being within various galaxies. It's not easy for me."

"I have travelled the universe and converted countless planets, but no planet has been more infuriating than Earth."

Origin: After having gone back in time, Nolan Dallas decided the universe needed a new threat, something the "heroes" of the universe could face. He eventually discovered the drone like species the Typiants, and decided to change up their evolution. He created the Ambassador, a leader for the Typiants, and gave him a hunger to use the Typiants ability to convert any living being into a Typiant to convert the universe into one large empire of drones, all for the sake of evolution. Eventually, through the conversion of various worlds, the Ambassador created the I.C.E (The Intergalactic Collective Empire).

Currently: The Ambassador has currently halted Conversion for the sake of establishing relations with other powerful intergalactic empires. He is, however, always scheming and looking for the right time to convert even more worlds to the Collective. His next target is the the xenophobic and battle-scarred planet Earth.

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