"Momma always told me sorcerers were treacherous! Ahahaha!"
― Leroy Rooker to Sylvis Shaw
Sylvis Shaw

Name: Sylvis Shaw

Aliases: The Grand Priest, The Mask Incarnate, Akando Riverwood, Father of Serpants

Age: Unknown

Species: Skinwalker (Formerly Human)

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Theme: Voltaire - When You're Evil

Powers: Dark Arts, Shapeshifting, Dream Walking, Snake Den, Camouflage, Deflection, Book of Flesh, Hideaway, Skinwalker, Humanization, Invisibility, Blood's Light, Teleportation, Monster Submission

Motto: "The blood of the strong shall devour the blood of the weak."

Quotes: "You wish to know why I betrayed your Father, Dane? I'll tell you why. He was in my way. I mean he was going to summon the king of evil himself, but mostly because he was in my way."

"Be honest with me, son. You wanted to do this. My magical abilities can only make you do things that deep down you do want to do. You wanted to kill those people, you were just to scared to do it yourself."

"You will soon see the power of the Mask. And if you do not, you will die."

Origin: It is unknown when Sylvis Shaw, but it's known he was actually born as Akando Riverwood and had great prowess in the dark arts. He was involved with Gerald Tyler, a sorcerer almost matching his power and the father of Dane Tyler, and worked with him in a plot to summon Lucifer. However, this is was a ploy to gain Gerald's trust so he could kill him, stopping someone from becoming more powerful than him. Since then, he's discovered the Mask of Greed and the Book of Flesh, two objects of great power.

Currently: Sylvis is being persued by Dane Tyler, who is trying to stop Sylvis from summoning a creature of great power who's name is unknown via the Mask of Greed. In defense, Sylvis has employed various other villains to stop Dane.