Samuel Jackson
"Surprising, could it be a Meta-Human who actually wants to use their powers to help people?"
― Romero Wells to Samuel

Name: Samuel Jackson

Aliases: Bombshell, The Young Freedman,  Samuel Shocker, Jolt, The Combination

Age: 18

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Neutral Good

Theme: Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue

Powers: Electro-Bombs, Electricity Manipulation, Power Immunity, Freedom, X Development, Various more as he develops them

Motto: "Saving lives comes before anything else."

Quotes: "Do you know why people fear you? Not for your power, but how you use it. You use your abilities to terrorize those who can't fight back! You betray the people you were once like! You're nothing but a criminal, and I'm going to take you down."

"I'm not a slave to the populace, I'm a warrior for them. I want to advocate peace among everyone, not just one type of human or another. We should be using these abilities to protect people. But you want to eradicate all people just because they're different from you. I'll admit, not all normal people are in the right either, some of them want to eradicate all of us. But they have less means to do it. You, however, do, and I can't let that pass."

Origin: Samuel Jackson is one of few Freedmen on Earth, Meta-Humans who cannot be manipulated by higher powers, like Nolan Dallas. He is, however, one of even fewer who is at the same time an X-Human, a Meta-Human who constantly evolves new abilities. Unlike most Meta-Humans who have made themselves known, however, Samuel has choosen to help people instead of hurt them. Due to his limitless potential, Nathan Jueik has attempted to persuade Samuel to join him, but Samuel has continously denied his offers.

Currently: Samuel has recently been trying to find other Meta-Humans to help him in his goal to protect common people from others like Nathan. He has been mostly unsuccessful in his search so far, as he cannot detect powers like Nathan and Romero can.


His name is not based off of Samuel L. Jackson, as Samuel's last name was a spur of the moment pick.

He draws inspiration from Peter Petrelli from Heroes.

Nathan Jueik serves as what Samuel would look like if he became evil, proving to be the Anti-Samuel in many regards.

Samuel has a strange relationship with Romero, finding him to be insane, but often having to rely on him for help. Romero in turn thinks Samuel is one of few Meta-Humans who wants to use their abilities to benefit the common people, instead of only Meta-Humans.