Romero Wells
"He's a Meta-Human on par with even Freedmen. He's taken the power of many Meta-Humans and has no plans of stopping."
― Lawrence Grey on Romero

Name: Romero Wells

Aliases: Sir Scar, Kain, The Vulture, The Meta-Killer

Age: 37

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Theme: Cellofourte - Monster

Powers: Post-Mortem Power Absorption, Multi-Power Use, Supernatural Condition, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Telekinesis, Invisibility, Power Detection, Tachyon Infusion, Fog Generation, Cardiokinesis, Inaudible Movement, Pressure Waves, Manipulative Puppetry, Levitation, Stealth Tactics, Inodorosity

Motto: "Power must be taken from those who don't deserve it."

Quotes: "These people I kill... they don't deserve what they have. They are irresponsible with their power, they don't know how to use it! I, however, use the powers I take to protect humanity. I won't let these Meta-Terrorists ruin the lives of everyone else."

"I got this scare when I was dealing with someone like you. Lots of arrogance, lots of power, and lots and lots of stupidity. Never makes for a good combination. He may have given me a permanent mark, but I gave him a permanent death."

"Make this easier on yourself and don't fight me. It'll all be over soon."

Origin: Being born into an entire family of Meta-Humans, he seemed to be the only one in his family to not have an ability. However, after accidentally killing his sister by pushing her off the roof, he discovered he took take the powers of people he kills. He first gained the ability to levitate after this first kill. Later, he saw how irresponsible the rest of his siblings were with their powers, and eventually had a mental breakdown due to a crisis in his life. With the combination of these, he killed his Meta-Human family, gaining all their powers, and swearing he'd eliminate ever last Meta-Human to stop them from destroying humanity itself.

Currently: Romero has been watching the activities of "The Evolutionaries", a Meta-Human terrorist group, and has decided to go after their leader, another powerful Meta-Human villain named Nathan Jueik.


Romero is named after George Remero, writer of The Night of the Living Dead, and takes inspiration from Sylar (Heroes).

Romero is the opposite of Nathan Jueik, hence their hatred for each other. Nathan wants Meta-Humans to eliminate normal humans and become the master of Earth. Romero, however, wants to wipe out other Meta-Humans and become the protector of common humanity.

His scar came from his fight with his brother, Jack. Romero describes him as full of arrogance, power and stupidity.

It is unknown if he has a regenerative healing factor, though it appears he does.

He is one of few Meta-Humans to not go by an alias, only being refered to by others as "Sir Scar".