Ray Howell
"Ray wants to take the mantle of Prometheus, I will be his Zeus."
― Allan Creed on Ray

Name: Ray Howell

Aliases: Doctor Prometheus, Mr. Howell, Chairman Howell

Age: 56

Species: Human

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Theme: Powerman 5000 - Super Villain

Powers: Super Condition, Old Prime, Robot Creation, Scientific Prowess, Business Intuition, Prometheus Suit (Disintegration Beam, Disintegration Field, Implacability, Gift of Fire, Personal Gravity, Body Heat Camouflage, Molecular Stability, Molecular Oscillation, Scanning, Pulse Strike, Electromagnetism Manipulation, Invulnerability, Psychic Energy Dispersion Field, Radiation Pulse, EMP Emission, Telekinesis)

Motto: "Humanity is on the verge of collapse."

Quotes: "Humanity is preparing to implode. I do not believe that I'm the only one who can save it, but I will do all I can in an attempt to stop it."

"Do you know why I compare myself to Prometheus, the Titan of Greek Mythology? I wish to give a new fire to humanity, give it a reason to keep alive. A reason to keep fighting."

Prometheus Suit

The Prometheus Suit

"Prepare yourselves, for what I do will not come without casualties. People will die. However, their sacrifice will not be in vain. They will die for the cause of humanity's continuation, their very survival. And eventually, the evolution of humanity as a whole, and our established dominance in the universe."

Origin: Since Ray Howell was a child, his intellect had been far higher than most children his age. At the age of 17 he founded Life Fire Industries, and has been running it since. However, he merely uses that as a tool for his real goal, world domination. Ray believes that the only way to save humanity is by being the one to save it from itself, guiding it.

Currently: Having used his wealth to pay off the courts, he is now a free man, operating Life Fire Industries as their CEO to further his goals. He's also been researching how to enter the multiverse, perhaps to take over various universe's Earths.