Oliver Hogue
Name: Oliver Hogue

Aliases: John Doe, The Gambling Man, Smooth

Age: 23

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Theme: Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot

Powers: The Meta-Killswitch, Negation Immunity, Dumb Luck, Brawling

Motto: "Just be yourself."

Quotes: "You know what I find hilarious? Whenever I'm around, if you have a gun out you're screwed. Apparently I'm so intimidating that people around me forget how to operate a gun. I never thought of myself as the brooding detective, stare-info-out-of-you type but hey whatever works, huh?

"Look buddy, my plans for tonight was to just go to Catala's and play some pool after getting a little buzz. But I can always change my plans to kick your ass."

"No one likes a rat buddy. Next time think before you fuck with Terrance Rose, huh? Sometimes people like me won't be around to help you."

Origin: Oliver Hogue is the name of the the Gambling Man, one of the local free spirits in 1930's Grand Haven. He wanders place to place every night, looking for good places to hang out, good people to meet and good drinks to swig. He tends to act as a Robin Hood for Grand Haven, stealing from people like Terrance Rose and H.W. Burns and giving the money he gains to those sufering during the Depression. One of his favorite things to do is exploit his ability to make everyone and thing near him worthless (an ability he isn't even aware he has) to harass criminals in Grand Haven, for pure entertainment.