Name: Olendath (As it's refered to in legend)

Aliases: Blackram, The Winter Walker, The Woodland Whisperer, The North Maker

Age: Thousands of years old

Species: Unknown, possibly Flesh

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Theme: Ghost Note - Death's Lullaby

Powers: Wind Away, North Making, The Blackram Curse, Vocal Replication, Hiding, Clairvoyance, Supernatural Condition, Forest-Walking,  Ultimate Regeneration, Hallucinations

Motto: "Darkness consumes light."

Quotes: "That's it... run Sarah... but run where? I know where you will go before you do. Yet knowing this, you still run. It may not make sense, but I know why you do it. You do it because I want you to. Isn't that right, Sarah? Deep down you know what I want is to chase you in circles until I finally pounce."

"Not crazy yet? I'm surprised. Most people would have lost it back when their boyfriend tried to eat them. I myself would've lost it when I saw my friend be impaled. But you're starting to see the vision, I can tell. That means you're getting there. That's all that matters."

"Running towards the blizzard? For shame... I thought you were supposed to be the smart one of this group. Oh well, by all means, run into the blizzard. Let your little mind slip into the freezing depths of Hell... at least you'll be safe from me there, right? If that's what you think..."

Blackram Human

A victim of the Blackrim Curse

Origin: All throughout the Northern Hemisphere there have been legends of a creature known by many names, most notably Olendath, a name coming from what the Germanic tribes called it. The creature stalks forests all throughout the world, waiting for groups of people to go into them. When they do, they are subjected to a sudden and hellish winter, even if the hottest summer is occuring. Olendath will cause psychosis, paranoia and despair in his victims, often letting them kill each other before he feasts upon them. Along with letting them murder and eat each other, he will also use various methods to kill them himself, including making his victims completely lose their sense of reality or mimicing the voice of a loved one to convince them that they're safe. Despite eating his victims to satisfy his seemingly endless hunger, he also seems to sometimes hunt for sport, seeming to enjoy the hunt of the helpess victims.