Ascended Nolan

Nolan in Nowhere

Name: Nolan Dallas

Aliases: The Ascended, The One Who Laughs

Age: 27 (Before becoming an Ascended)

Species: Ascended

Alignment: Blue and Orange Morality

Theme: Motorhead - The Game

PowersNigh Omnipotence, Unavertable Death, Absolute Existence, Chronolock, Tenacity, Unpredictability, Imperceptibility, Resurrection, Diver Force, Nowhere Control, Evolution, Universal Master, All's-Eye, Infinite Creativity

Motto: "Reality tears itself apart while I watch and laugh."

Quotes: "I am an Ascended. I managed to learn the secrets of the multiverse during my time on Earth and was rewarded. Just goes to show how powerful knowledge truly is."

"Mortals have often asked me the same thing. Why do I just laugh? I laugh because the genocide, famine and war that consumes worlds means nothing. Even if it made a difference, life would return. Life always returns."

"Life is just a series of terrible events with small moments of quiet inbetween."

Origin: Nolan Dallas was a paranormal researcher in the 1920's who discovered the Chamber of Moxilt in Mexico. The Moxilt is an ancient being that seems to have full control over the multiverse. Moxilt recognized Nolan's incredible willpower and allowed Nolan to ascend to Nigh Omnipotence.

Currently: Nolan currently resides in Nowhere, a dimension outside of time and space, where he observes everything that happens in the multiverse. His sadistic personality has him typically watching what occurs as opposed to interacting with it, but unlike many Ascended, he will act on things going on if he feels it necessary or if he's very bored.