Nikolai Czar
"Right or wrong, it's very pleasant to break something from time to time."
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Name: Nikolai Dmitri Czar

Aliases: Bomba, Exploder, Boom Boom, The Russian

Age: 30

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Theme: Trapt - Headstrong

Powers: Voltakinesis, Volatile Constructs, Combustive Augmentation, Combustion Volley, Combustion Absorption, Combustion Negation, Combustion Immunity, Pyrokinesis, Pyrokinetic Regeneration, Enhanced Condition, Psychic Shield, Fear Masking

Motto: "If you come after me, I will end you."

Quotes: "I assure you, this will not end well for you. I've killed so many men like you that it's hard to keep track at this point. Mobsters, serial killers, rapists. Even other Meta-Humans. I'm not intimidated by you, because you're nothing compared to what I've faced. Hell, you're nothing at all."

"So, what is it you American's say? You only live once? What an idiotic saying. Anyway, if you live by those words, perhaps you should make the right choice here. Do you attempt to stand in my way or do you go over to the nearest diner and stuff your face with a burger and pretend you never saw me. Judging by the fat on those bones, I assume you would prefer the second option, yes?"

"The concept of a gamble has always intrigued me. I do not see the appeal of something where you could lose everything based on a gut feeling. Perhaps you could get a rush from it, but I myself do not. That is why I'm here. I realize that you're a pathetic waste of flesh, so there's no gamble in me killing you. Unless you know something I don't know, but I doubt that."

Origin: Years ago, a small group in Poland began targetting Meta-Humans and killing them in gory fashion, even video taping the incidents and putting them on the internet. Nikolai Czar lost most of his family to these attacks, causing him to become highly distraught. This distress eventually turned into pure anger, which manifested in Nikolai killing all people involved with the event. Becoming a wanted criminal in Poland, he fled to America. Once there, he began his life as a hitman and freelance vigilante. On one hand, Nikolai often works for highly powerful crime lords and does their dirty work, but on the other hand Nikolai will kill various extremely awful ones, along with serial killers and other "idiots". Nikolai is mostly indifferent to what he does, and does not truly care about the crimes committed by the people he kills, he simply believes that they are fools who are corrupting the world with their stupidity.