Name: Nathan Juiek

Aliases: Mister Phoenix, Master of Freedom, The Stringless, The Ultimate Telepath, The Combination

Age: 26

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Theme: Mötley Crüe - Just Another Psycho

Powers: Freedom, Power Immunity, Singularity,  Psychic Shield, Panmnesia, Physical Illusions, Illusion Awareness, Speed Combat, Unpredictability, Meta-Human Sense, Telekinesis, Psyche-Pyrokinesis, X Development, Telepathy (Mnemokinesis, Psychic Shield Penetration, Power Activation/Power Deactivation, Technological Hacking, All powers that come with Master level or below, so powerful he can control people with Indomitable Will)

Motto: "The less strings you have, the stronger you are."

Quotes: "I am one of few beings in the universe who cannot be controlled by fate or any so called 'higher power'. I intend to use my blank future to do what I feel is right for me."

"I'm not your average telepath, Samuel. I am a level three telepath, the highest level a telepath can be. You cannot hide anything from me. If I wanted to invade your mind, I'd have done it already. But, I respect your privacy too much Samuel. Remember, if you ever change your mind, my offer still stands. You could join me, but if you truly don't want to, that's a shame."

"When I was younger I was living in an asylum where I was put by my parents due to me not being able to control my powers. They did experiments on me, left me in isolation for days on end, tried to turn me into a weapon. Little did they know I'd been weaponizing myself for years. So when the time came... they were my first victims."

Origin: Nathan was a powerful telepath from birth, and utilized his abilities well, but not usually for the right reasons. His parents put him in an asylum when he turned 13, due to his powers having grown out of control when he hit puberty. There he learned to control his powers further through sheer focus and eventually killed all the staff of the asylum and escaping. He was also born with an alternate ability, resistence to most abilities that are used by very powerful meta-humans or 'higher beings' like Nolan Dallas. Upon discovering this, he decided to use his powers for whatever he wanted, because he thought no one could stop him.

Currently: Nathan has currently been more withdrawn than usual in the public eye, perhaps due to a new organization he's been working with. He's also formed a group of Meta-Human terrorists known as "The Evolutionaries", who's goal is to make Meta-Humans the leading group in the world, as opposed to normal humans.