"I am not a God. I am simply a being, just as you are."
― Moxilt, describing his view of himself

Name: Moxilt

Aliases: God, Master of Puppets, He who is All, The Only Eternal

Age: Eternal

Species: Eternal

Alignment: Blue and Orange Morality

Theme: Epic Music -Apocalypse-

Powers: Omni-Embodiment, Diver Force, Omniverse Manipulation, The Decider, Absolute Existence, Omniversal Destruction, All's-Eye, Totality Master, Totality Connection, Cosmic Otherness, Omniversal Definition

Motto: "The Omniverse needs things it does not want."

Quotes: "At times, it may not seem what I am doing is right. Even to me, it feels wrong. But for the balance of the Omniverse, everything I do is needed. I have seen and forseen all, and I know that everything I do has purpose. I sometimes hate that it must be so, as I am forced to do things that weigh greatly upon my soul, but at the same time I am forced to do things I love. Things of great compassion and kindness. It is all part of the job of having to do everything."

"With the sentience I gave you creatures, I often wonder why you debate. About politics, religion, and sometimes even proven facts. Of course I know the answer, but sometimes even knowing things without doubt confuses you. Perhaps one day you will see the true reason you must end your foolishness, but until then I will pray for you."


Origin: Little is known about how Moxilt came to be. It is known that he was the first being to exist in the Primoverse, the universe that all other universe's come from. He is believed to have been brought into creation with the power he has, as opposed to gaining it somehow. The only being in the Omniverse that knows of him is Nolan as Moxilt granted Nolan about half his power. While Nolan believes this was because of his incredible will power, it was actually because Moxilt recognized that the Omniverse needed a villain, someone who they could eventually unite against. Even Lucifer proceives him incorrectly, seeing him as God, as opposed to what he really is.