Name: Michael Falon

Aliases: Gravatix, Harold Joris

Age: 23

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Theme: N/A

Powers: Gyrokinesis, Invulnerability, Strength Combat

Motto: "Use your powers for what you want."

Quotes: "If you use it, they will fear you."

"Humans are all the same. They realize we are superior and thus try to make our abilities void."

"I prefer not to talk much. Talk is for those who don't know which actions to take."

Origin: For a long time in his life Michael couldn't control his Gyrokinesis, leading to various gravity related incidents, causing him to have to run away from home out of fear of harming his family. He was an outcast everywhere he went and had to learn to surpress his power. Eventually he met Nathan Jueik and befriended him. Since they met Nathan has slowly been teaching Michael to control his power and how to harness it in a way that benefits Nathan.

Currently: Right now Michael goes by "Gravatix" in Nathan's Meta-Human group "The Evolutionaries". He acts as the muscle of the group and is the most loyal to Nathan and his cause of Meta-Human superiority.