Name: Lucifer

Aliases: Satan, Stanford Mephistophe, Bill Zacariah Bub

Age: Unknown

Species: Demon

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Theme: Sympathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones

Powers: Nigh OmnipotenceInfernokinesisSin EmbodimentDemonic ForceReality Warping, Satanic Incarnation,  Immortality

Motto: "Good is overrated anyway."

Quotes: "I saw you did and I loved it! Letting Billy fall like that! But... I think we'll need a brand name, a title to distinguish ourselves... I'm thinking something like hitman for hire! What do ya say kid? All the fun of wrath with all the benefits of greed. Heck after what you did we're practically partners in crime! So, we gonna have some fun or what?"

"You know, I may be all powerful, but sometimes I just like to come up and harass mortals. I mean come on, is there anything more fun than getting on peoples nerves?"

"The big G-Man might have made you, but I get to play with you! Until you ultimately die I am your god. And sometimes if you listen to me, I'm your god for the rest of eternity."

"All it takes is one favor. One favor can bring a man to me. Need a favor? I'll give it to you. But of course it will cost you. But do I ever directly say the price? No. But hey, when does a good business man say exactly what he wants? It's always in fine print."

Origin: N/A