Leon Hayes
"Don't let his cutesy look fool you. He's a cold blooded killer."
― Claire Maddox talking about Leon

Name: Leon Hayes

Aliases: Nial Blackwater, Mr. Hayes, The Boss, The Classy Killer, Leon the Villain, King of Grand Haven, American Royalty

Age: Unknown

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Theme: Hollywood Undead - Lump Your Head

Powers: Superpower Manipulation, Self-Power Bestowal, Self-Power Immunity, Power Anchoring, Power Intuition, Immunity Bypassing, Absolute Immortality, Omnislayer, Supernatural Condition

Motto: "Life isn't fair."

Quotes: "I suppose I see your point, Mr. Tagomi. But here's where I must question you... why do I care? You're no threat to me, so who are you to come into my building, my office, my personal space and attempt to intimidate me? You're nothing but a bad business man with a few guns. What are you going to do? Shoot me? Do you realize how many people have tried? As for me, I have lots of ways to kill you, so I suggest you leave. Oh, and stop and get a breath mint on your way out. And take lessons about how to not get right into people's faces."

"Ha! You idiot! Don't you realize that I can take away your powers with a thought? You coming here was the biggest mistake of your life. I wonder how proud you would be if I were to make you completely normal again. Maybe some other time, now run along, foolish errand boy."

"So, you're a conspiracy theorist yes? Oh, where are my manners? I know you imbeciles prefer "Truthers". Either way, I'm just here to inform you of something. It's quite dangerous for you to continue your investigation of my organization. And by that I mean I can put you into an eternal hell. So please, stop trying to "expose the truth". You're wasting both of our time."

Origin: Leon Hayes is the current alias of an immortal Meta-Human who has been around since the dawn of humanity. He was born with incredible power, and as such formulated rules to make sure he never succumbs to full on corruption. For example, he pledged to never get involved into politics or use his power to rule a nation. Instead, he became a merchant, business man and later on, mobster. Currently as Leon Hayes, he runs the largest criminal organization in the world, known as the Kilduff Firm. His main goal is mostly unknown, though he seems to take special interest in stopping other Meta-Human leaders, presumably to stop the common population from finding out about them.


Leon is possibly the most hated man in the Villainousverse, being hated by Claire Maddox, Dieter Teufel, Nathan Jueik, and Samuel Jackson, among many others.

Nikolai Czar and Saint Madison work for him.

Saint is Leon's adopted son.

Leon has been stated to be on-par with Freedmen in terms of power.

Leon has a tendency to undermine he enemies even when he could possibly be in danger. This ties into the fact that over the thousands of years he's been alive he's learned to turn his emotions on and off at will, and not be bothered by anything.