"I highly doubt you'll be destroying him. You see, Justin here is the ultimate soldier. And he works towards out glorious cause!"
― Dieter Teufel on Justin

Name: Justin Allaway

Aliases: Red Rover, Soviet Defense, Operation Übermensch, Stalin's Soldier

Age: 29

Species: Human (Enhanced)

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Theme: Red Alert 2 - Grinder

Powers: Super Durability, Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Energy, Flight, Hypercognition, Laser Emission, Red Star Punch, Juggernaut Momentum, Scanning, X-Ray Vision, Sense Focusing, Fearlessness

Motto: "I live to serve the Soviet Order."

Quotes: "You are wrong. We aim to destroy inequalities, disrupt the capitalistic evils of this world and bring it back to a simpler, purer world. We are here to save you from those secretly exploiting you."

"Why do you continue to fight? You have a pure zero percent chance of success at this point. Do not try to be a hero, it's all in vain! Be a true hero and help our cause, we are the heroes here, not those opposing us!"

"Remember, we fight not for ourselves. We fight for an ideal. An ideal of a better world. A world where all are equal under the rule of the government. No discrimination, no inequallity. A fair, balanced world. That is what we fight for."

Origin: Justin Allaway as a Scottish mercenary, hired by the Faceless Army to work with them on various operations, and travelled to America to meet with them. However, this was a ploy to kidnap Justin and put him in Operation Übermensch, a project designed to create the ultimate super soldier. First put through intense brainwashing, he lost all political ideals he had and was brainwashed into becoming a pure Stalinist. After this was done to Justin and the other subjects, they were put through various horrible experiments and torture. These experiments were so horrible, Justin was the only survivor, but still suffered terrible side effects (Like frequent headaches and permenantly red eyes). Becoming the champion soldier for the Faceless Army, he has since been the one called in by Dieter Teufel whenever there's a problem the Faceless Army or Allan Creed cannot handle.