John Bloggs
"You're... kind of paranoid, aren't you?"
― Samuel Jackson to John

Name: John Bloggs

Aliases: Wringer, The Theorist, Conspiracy, INSERT-MORE-QUARTERS

Age: 26

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Theme: Requiem For A Dream

Powers: Technopathy, Environmental Adaptation, Cyber Mind, Hacking Intuition, Enhanced Combat, Enhanced Intelligence

Motto: "There'll always be someone higher than you."

Quotes: "The government puts tracking chips into our brains that activate during sex, so they know how rapidly the population is increasing, which is why I abstain. They also put nanomachines in the semen of every man, in order to encode the personality traits they want in the child. They have entire centers to monitor this, mind you. I could go on, but I don't have enough time. Maybe another time."

"If it were true that Nathan wanted peace for Meta-Humans, he would not be killing innocent people because of their lack of abilities, that much is obvious. However, I believe he truly has no intention of helping anybody but himself. He's created such a wall of lies around him, that most people have no choice but to believe it. However, I believe he is trying to exploit the doubts of the powerful few he can get and use it to cause a revolution, allowing him to 'build' order once more, cementing him in the history books as the hero that brought peace to the world. Either that or he's an android built by the government to gain the trust of Meta-Humans in order to round them up and kill them."

"I realize that you people get annoyed by my frequent inquries, but it's a necessary nuiscance. After all, with this world of endless propaganda, how many people do you expect to question things? Without me, who would question everything they heard, you? Please, as if you could. I doubt you would even ask the correct questions."

Origin: John Bloggs was born is London, England, but moved to Grand Haven when he was young. Learning of his ability of Technopathy, he used this to gain money by stealing from ATM machines. In his free time, he often watched conspiracy theory forums and videos on the internet. With his distrust of everything instilled from a young age, he began working as a private investigator, as his extreme distrust was only matched by his compulsive need to ask and learn the answer to questions.

Currently: John Bloggs has been reached out to by Samuel Jackson to join his group of Meta-Humans, dedicated to stopping Meta-Human villains like Nathan Jueik and Romero Wells. Despite Samuel's motives, John shows a surprising lack of interest in truly stopping these people, instead wanting to learn as much as he can about them.


His name is a combination of "John Doe" and "Joe Bloggs", names which are both used as placeholder names for people who's identities are unknown.

He draws inspiration from The Question, from DC Comics.

His username for basically every website (mostly conspiracy sites) he is shown going on is INSERT-MORE-QUARTERS, a reference to a conspiracy he believes. Said conspiracy involves arcades being government facilities that test the intelligence of players of video games and using the quarters people put in to fund secret government experiments.

While he is extremely intelligent, he states that he hates math. A lot.

He often claims that he knows he is paranoid, he believes the ignorance of the populace outweighs his paranoia.

John is an anarchist.