"I am fueled by the power of Jinuroi himself! Destruction and eternal darkness will consume all! Prepare yourselves for his unholy wrath!"
― Sylvis Shaw, after unlocking the Book of Flesh

Name: Jinuroi

Aliases: Nyrulkix, The Antagonist, He Who Summons, Dark Moxilt, He Who Rains Blood, Un-Life, The Man of Scars, The Claw of Nothingness, He Who is Made of Flesh, Anti-God, He Who Does Not Exist

Age: Eternal

Species: Primordial Flesh

Alignment: True Evil

Theme: Sabaton - We Burn

Powers: Body of Flesh, Magic of Flesh, Flesh Creation, Form of Flesh, Absolute Condition, Apathy, Nothingness, Diver Force, Cosmic Otherness, Absolute Existence, Of the End

Motto: "Destroy."


Jinuroi in Human Form

Quotes: "You dare question me? You, an insignificant, useless, pointless bag of meat and bones. Barely sentient. Barely breathing. One who escapes fate, answer me this. If one fights a god, does that make him foolish or brave? I will allow you a moment to answer. No? I will tell you. It makes them non-existent. Prepare to be erased, along with everything else your small brain knows of."

"All life has but one true purpose. Destruction. That is life's only true purpose. However, due to your sentience - You can barely call it that - you have your mind convince yourself that you create. This is incorrect, you merely reproduce. Reproduction leads to destruction. By increasing the numbers of your species, you create more destruction. Congratulations. You have served me well."

Origin: Jinuroi was the second being to exist in the Primoverse, directly after Moxilt, and only exists to destroy everything in existence. Having been recognized as a threat by Moxilt, he was sealed into the Heart of the Omniverse for trillions of years. However, even this could not stop him forever, as he eventually escaped and managed to hide himself from Moxilt, while continuing to destroy everything he's come across. Eventually, he enpowered a book, known as the Book of Flesh, with the power to channel is abilities, which was left on Earth and eventually found by sorcerer Sylvis Shaw.

Origin: The last time Jinuroi was seen, it was while he was in human form, speaking with Sylvis Shaw about a possible future of working together. Since then, his whereabouts have been unknown.