Name: Jared Darrister

Aliases: Darrister, Gumshoe, The Prowler, The Dustbowl Detective

Age: 30

Species: Human

Alignment: Neutral Good (Seems Chaotic Good personality-wise)

Theme: Fred Astaire - Puttin On the Ritz

Powers: Best in the Business, Enhanced Gunmanship, Brawling, Gut Feeling

Motto: "Crime is what bums turn to when they can't do anything else right."

Quotes: "I realize that the depression has hit you hard, but when you stoop down to crime you must know there's no going back. You have about four options. One, you will always work for the big guy you work for. Two, you eventually become the big guy, turning into a monster. Three, you get caught early and get sent to jail and either stay there, die there, or get back just to realize you still have debts to pay to the mooks who got you sent there. Or four, the most humane option, you get an early grave. You have those options. Or you could prevent all that by helping me now."

"Here, let me tell you how the gears of this city turn. Give a man some coin, he looks the other way. Give a man some coin and a gun, he works for you. Give a man only a gun and you get plugged when you turn your head. Never trust anyone in this city, that's what I've learned. That's why I'm here. I give the people someone to turn to when you can't trust the capo's, cops and crooks. You can always trust Darrister to protect those who just wanna be left alone."

"This city is a cesspool of crime. But I'm okay with that. Nothing would bring me greater pleasure than taking down people who think they're invincible. People who used the prohibition to gain power and the depression to maintain it. I like watching them come to realize that when a cop-like joe like myself isn't in their pocket and is coming after them that they're going down."

Origin: Being raised in a family of police, Jared always had a fascination with protecting the law. Eventually, however, he came to realize the GHPD was extremely corrupt, his own two brothers being corrupt cops as well. Being angered by this realization, he attacked a group of bootleggers in vain in 1932 and was beaten and left for dead. Realizing then he'd need more training and better tactics, he spent some time working for Terrance Rose, the main crime boss in Grand Haven, and learned how the criminal underworld worked. Using this knowledge and his natural detective skill, and the training he got from other members of the Arlington Association, he shed all other parts of his life other than fighting the underworld. His life soon became completely consumed by his quest to fight crime and he came to embrace his new identity as a protector of the innocent in Grand Haven.