James Drake
"You used to be one of the good guys, James. What happened?"
― Samuel Jackson to James

Name: James Drake

Aliases: Dr. Drake, Monger, Lifter, Henry Callaghan

Age: 30

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil (Formerly Lawful Good)

Theme: Skillet - Monster

Powers: Psychokinesis, Psychokinetically Enhanced Condition, Wells Syndrome, Genius Intellect, Medical Intuition, Clairvoyance, Psychokinetic Cloaking

Motto: "You cannot contain the urge."

Quotes: Coming soon

Drake Lab

Drake's old lab

Origin: Dr. James Drake was a geneticist studying the genes of  Meta-Humans to discover how they are different. He made various breakthroughs, like the discovery of the New Urge, a natural urge in Meta-Humans who have yet to discover and master their powers that makes them want to commit actions similar to their ability (pyrokinetics start fires, telepaths attempt to read minds, etc.). During his research, he discovered he himself has the ability of psychokinesis. While intially thrilled, he soon learned that he suffered from Wells Syndrome, a mental defect in Meta-Humans which causes them to have an overactive and persistent New Urge, which causes them to even go so far as to murder others with their powers. In an attempt to rid himself of it, he injected himself with an experimental drug to get rid of the defect. However, it merely accelerated the urge, turning him into a superpowered murderer.