Gavril Lupei

Gavril in Vietnam, 1971

"A super powered Romanian ninja. How is this fair?"
― Eric Val on Gavril

Name: Gavril Lupei

Aliases: Mute, Star Steel, Red Immortal, Super Powered Romanian Ninja

Age: Unknown

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Theme: Godsmack- I Stand Alone

Powers: Time Stopping, Ultimate Intangibility, Isolation, Temporal Lock, Martial Arts Intuition, Psychic Shield, Assassination, Imperceptibility

Motto: Unknown

Quotes: None (Cannot speak)

Origin: Gavril is one of the most powerful Meta-Humans to be known. Living outside of time, he has not aged since he was born, whenever that was. His combination of abilities allowed him to be completely isolated from the world whenever he wanted. However, in the 1960's, the Faceless Army learned of him. Using surprise, they kidnapped him and brainwashed him, making him another radical Stalinist. Having since served the Faceless Army for decades, he has become a deadly tool for when the Faceless Army wants something done right.

Currently: Due to his abilities and involvement with the Faceless Army, his whereabouts are currently unknown.