"I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery."
― Aeschylus

Name: Fraus Gaudium

Aliases: Traitor of the Wyruaz, Space Fraud, The Bounty Man, He Who Shoots, Mr. Hyde, Killzone

Age: 79 (Biologically far younger)

Species: Human-Wyruazan Hybrid

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Theme: Perfect Cell Remix

Powers: Locked Molecules, Mindshifting, Plasma Manipulation, Zermana Exposure (Rapid Mitosis, Quintessence Force, Conditioned, Body Supremacy), Thievery, Weapon Proficiency, Assassination

Motto: "Get rid of anything that doesn't help you."

Quotes: "Honor? Don't insult me. I'll let you in on a secret. Honor is for fools who cannot protect themselves from the full onslaught of others. They need to be able to predict what their opponent will do in order to come out on top, instead of doing whatever you can to survive. Now to me that itself sounds pretty damn dishonorable."

"Let me lay down the options for you here. You can, one, either tell us where the closest supply of Jera is, which would be very appreciated. Or, two, I could force you to watch as I disembowel your daughter there, and force you to eat her damned corpse. Don't make me pick option two, okay?"

"Really? You want to duel me? What is stopping me from putting a bullet in you right now? You really don't know who I am do you? Why don't I do that then. I'll make sure you won't have an open casket, friend."

Origin: Fraus was the only son of a human mother and a Wyruazan bureaucrat father. Being raised by his father on Wyruaz, he learned from his father that in order to become rich and powerful, you have to be willing to do anything. With this mindset instilled from birth, he began training to become a mercenary. When he was 28 years old, he became involved with a conspiracy by the Empire of Leki'a to take over Wyruaz. Instead of remaining loyal, he decided to help the Leki'ans with their plan, in exchange for special privileges by their government. Once the invasion began, Fraus lead a small fighting force that despite great odds, sliced deeply into the Wyruazan Military. After the Leki'ans took over, he became an overseer for the genocide that insued, even proving his loyalty by murdering his father with no remoarse.

After helping with the take over and Wyruazan Genocide, he began to adventure as a space pirate and mercenary. During one job, he was exposed to a rare element known as Zermana, which turned him into a super soldiers with the ability to control his own body completely, and even some functions of the bodies of others. With this, he became more powerful, more dangerous, and even more ruthless.