Franklin Bennet
"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction."
― Blaise Pascal

Name: Franklin Bennett

Aliases: The Good Pastor, The Holy Sinner, Judas, Jesus' Fraud, Speaker of Lies, Preacher of Evil, The Illusionist

Age: 23

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Theme: Madame Macabre - God Syndrome

Powers: Illusionism, Inception, Psychic Shield, Shading, Telepathic Hijacking, Alien Mind, Nightmare Imprisonment, Psychological Intuition, Panmnesia

Motto: "God has a plan for us all."

Quotes: "As for you uncivilized heathen, I have few words. Clearly you are in no mood to listen to the word of Christ, and I assume you won't listen to me. Willingly, that is. Perhaps I can change that however. Once I'm done not only will you know the truth of God, but you will thank me every day for what I have done."

"I consider myself... a fair man. A reasonable man. A patient man. But you are starting to wear my ability to be calm down quite a lot. Perhaps you could simply listen to me... understand that what I do has purpose. That's it... just listen to me. The voice of God. Listen to the truth."

"You think you understand me? Me?! You don't know the first thing about me, you vile heathen. You wish to deny all I have worked for?! This was not the will of God, it was my own will! I will not allow you to stand in my way you pathetic, worthless, ignorant swine. I will end you for getting in my way and ensure you burn in Hell for an eternity!"

Origin: From his childhood, Franklin showed rather disturbing traits in his personality. He had an uncanny devotion to God, but despite this, showed to love manipulating and harming others for his personal gain. After he nearly killed another child with a mallet, he was tried and put into the same asylum as Nathan Jueik. After Nathan burned down the asylum and killed the staff, Franklin ran away. Eventually starting a new life in a small Texas town, he became a pastor and began spreading the word of God. However, when his abilities manifested, he began to manipulate people and essentually turn them into puppets for him, allowing him to get everything he could want, then disposing of his playthings once he got bored.