Frankie Miles
"How the fuck did that little rat get so high up?"
― Jimmy Quals on Frankie Miles

Name: Frankie Miles

Aliases: Yellow Snitch, Mr. Upstart, Right-Hand

Age: 37

Species: Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Theme: Imagine Dragons - I'm So Sorry

Powers: Trickster, Chessmaster, Duel Hearts, Smart Guy, Criminal Sense

Motto: "It's sink or swim."

Quotes: "You wanna know how I am where I am? I've betrayed so many people I can't even count. That's how you survive."

"How often I've dreamed of stabbing you over and over in front of your own men, watching you squirm on the floor, pleading. All right before I put a bullet in your brain."

"Look out Grand Haven. Frankie is back."

Origin: Frankie Miles was the right-hand man of Andrew Quals when he was in power, acting as the main adviser to him. However, he was working for Terrance Rose the whole time as part of his plan to shift the power in Grand Haven. He was eventually found out and nearly killed when he was chased out of Grand Haven, sustaining two gunshots to the right leg, forcing him to walk with a limp. He eventually came back to Grand Haven, seeing that Terrance had taken over and took his place in the Arlington Association.