Eric Val

Eric in Bosnia, 1994

"I may be a Meta-Human, but I believe in humanity as a whole, not segregated by what we can or cannot do."
― Eric Val to Nathan Jueik

Name: Eric Val

Aliases: The Viper, Scope, The General, Zaabit Idris

Age: 70 (Biologically 30)

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Theme: Sabaton - Soldier of 3 Armies

Powers: Reflex Analysis, Combat Specialist, Warson Training, Stealth Mastery, Peak Human State, Tenacity, Survival Intuition, Weapon Intuition, Interrogation Intuition, Hyper-Senses, Fear Masking, Photographic Reflexes, Escapism, Disguise Mastery, Rushing, One-Man Army, Truth Perception, Function Increase, Master Strategist, Longevity

Motto: "Be a soldier to your own cause."

Quotes: "All it takes is one well placed shot and I've killed you. The thing about me is I make a lot of well placed shots. So please, drop the bravado and let's get on with this."

"The mission is hunt down and assassinate Hyia Al Mali, so that's what we're going to do. He's currently in Oman, and that's where his grave is going to be."

"You may look older than me, but I assure you I'm the superior soldier with far more experience."

Origin: Eric Val is a Meta-Human born in 1945, with the ability to not age as fast as normal humans. He joined the Warson Program, a program to turn soldiers into unstoppable killing machines, in 1968. With his ability, Eric stayed in the program far longer than most and became a soldier of legend, being one of the most efficient special operatives in US Military History. With his skill and aging gap, he's fought in many wars and conflicts, including the Vietnam War, Invasions of Grenada and Panama, The Gulf War, The Somali Civil War, The Yugoslav Wars, and various wars in the Middle East. From seven years he took the mantle of "The General", the position of leading the Warson Program, but has since retired to return to the battlefront.

Currently: Since retiring from being The General, he has become the squad leader of the Warson Program, leading counter-terrorist operations in various Middle Eastern countries. He also has taken the name Zaabit Idris, using the identity to spy on terrorists and destroy them from within.