Edwin Clyde
"Do me a favor and don't insist that I look at your trucker hat."
― John Bloggs mocking Edwin

Name: Edwin Gerald Clyde Jr.

Aliases: Forger, Red Eddie, Batter, The Trucker, Gunsling

Age: 28

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Theme: Theory of a Deadman - Villain

Powers: Immediate Resurrection, Sight Replication (Microwave Generation, Cryokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Volatile Constructs, Heliokinesis, Power Reversal, Vitality Absorption, Teleportation, Flight, Inanimation, Kinetic Charging, Preflex, Silencer, Conditioned, Black Hole Creation, Cloaking, Malleability, Age Shifting, Shocking, Health Optimization, Trajectory Control, Power Detection)

Motto: "You're about to have a real bad day."

Quotes: "

Origin: Edwin Clyde was exceptionally bright in his family, despite his lack of good education. Being raised in La Capilla, Texas, he was raised in a very strict and religious household. Edwin's personality, however, was very skeptical, causing him to eventually having a falling out with his family and taking a scholarship they did not want him to take. It was at that college he learned of his ability, being able to copy things he sees, hears and experiences. When discovering this, he began learning new abilities to use. Initially he did not know what his ability was, but then learned there were others like him. After his graduation, he began to hunt down these individuals and take their powers, then ultimately killing them.