"Find him and crush him into dust!"
― Sylvis Shaw ordering Denaru's death

Name: Denaru Anchicara

Aliases: The Walking Tank, Anti-Life

Age: 34 (Biologically)

Species: Golem

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Theme: Disturbed - The Vengeful One

Powers: Supernatural Strength, Supernatural Durability, Supernatural Reflexes, Magical Intuition, Dark Beam Emission,  Hyper Form, Quintessence Force, Locality Tracking, Juggernaut Momentum, Jet Propulsion, Sonic Combustion, Golem Physiology

Motto: "No one stands in my way."

Quotes: "One day Shaw. One day you will lay dead by my hand. One day I will annihilate you. But not today. Today you walk free."

"Leave. Now. If you stay here any longer I will have to tear you limb from limb."

"I've survived everything you've thrown at me. What makes you think any more you do will kill me?"

Origin: 34 years ago, Sylvis Shaw created a golem to aid him in his exploits. He infused all his power into the golem, so much power that he accidentally made it sentient. While he happily helped his master at first, he eventually grew to hate the horrible things Shaw did to his fellow man. He eventually rebeled, attempting to kill Shaw. Shaw, knowing he was in over his head, fled from his creation. The golem eventually took the name Denaru and prepared to destroy anything in his way from killing Shaw.

Currently: Still on his quest, he's travelling the world looking for Shaw.