Name: David Jak

Aliases: Burnish, Human Flare Gun

Age: 19

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Theme: N/A

Powers: Solar Energy Manipulation, Levitation

Motto: "There will always be the light of a new day."

Quotes: "The Evolutionaries do what needs to be done for all superior humans. And anyone who has a problem with what we do has a problem with us. That's a dangerous problem to have."

"If you're expecting me to make some sort of speech saying what we do, don't hold your breath. You just want to keep me babbling so you can think up a strategy. But guess what? You aren't going to make it out of this building alive."

"Here... let me show you the light."

Origin: David Jak was a small time hoodlum in the slums of Grand Haven who eventually got mixed up in organized crime. He was accused of being a rat by crime boss Donald Niro and was about to be killed when due to his extreme stress, the sun which was coming up at the time created concentrated beams of light that killed all those who were around him. Realizing he could use this power for his own personal gain, he began taking down various criminal figures, but was ultimately defeated by Donald Niro himself who is also a Meta-Human. After that he was contacted by Nathan Jueik and offered a place in "The Evolutionaries."