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Character Sheet: Crazy Eight

Crazy Eight
"Let's party..."
― A sticky note attached to one of Eight's victims

Name: Tieghun

Aliases: Crazy Eight, The Clown, He Who Paints, The Balloon Man, Fred Hanger, The Cyclist, Old Smiley, Grinmaster, Blue Nose

Age: Unknown (Possibly pre-dating humanity)

Species: Flesh

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Theme: Madame Macabre - Balloon Animals

Powers: Balloon Man, Cosmic Otherness, Magic of Flesh, Blinking, Psychosis Itch, Balloon Transformation, Illusionist, Circus Labyrinths, Survive Me! Game, Nemesis Form, Shapeshifting, Flesh Walker

Motto: "Let's have a fun run."

Quotes: Too few known

Origin: Tieghun was a powerful Flesh who uses a clown motif as his disguise. Using his abilities to inflict fear upon all who encounter him, he is one of the most powerful Flesh to exist. His nature makes even Lucifer, the most powerful demon in the Primoverse, fear him.

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