Name: Carolus Elrison

Aliases: The King, Death's Best Friend, The Bastard of McGellen

Age: 213 (27 Biologically)

Species: Skilarian Human

Alignment: Chaotic Good (Sometimes Lawful Good when making choices for his kingdom)

Theme: Carolus Rex - Sabaton

Powers: The Sword of Skilara (Powers Via Weapon:  Master Swordsmanship, Sword Blast, Weapon Restoration, Weapon Calling, Telekinetic Wielding, Attack Reversal, Life Zone), Battlefield Adaptation, Combat Adaptation, Combat Specialist, Battle Affinity, Superhuman Condition, Chessmaster, Killing Intuition, Implacability, Agelessness, Badassery, Determination, Ultimate Fighter, Lie Detection, Fearlessness, Causality Sense, Omnislayer

Motto: "A king leads his people. A leader serves his people."

Quotes: "Let me explain something to you, "Jack Smith". I do not fear you for one reason, you are a shepherd with a large flock of sheep. That's all your empire is. I, on the other hand, am a general leading an army, and when that army comes together I ultimately become a general leading the forces of death itself."

"I suggest you stand down, I'm not looking for a fight. I also don't want to see how much better looking you'll be without that stupid grin, so if you want to keep that disgusting hide you call a face where it belongs I suggest you put down your weapon and let the big boys talk."

"Firstly, stop breathing with your mouth, it's distracting. Secondly, you need a breath mint. Thirdly, we were not behind the attacks on your homeworld. You would know if we meant to destroy you. Your accusations seem to indicate you think your planet is even worth conquering."

Origin: Carolus grew up poor in the province of McGellen in the world of Skilara with only his mother. Despite having no education, he was naturally very intelligent, and grew to believe there was something wrong with Skilara. Using his charisma he began to form a coup and with the help of a powerful blacksmith and a powerful mage he gained the Sword of Skilara, one of the most powerful blades to exist. Using merely his blade, he killed the king and all those loyal to him, then establishing a new order in his homeworld. Under his rule, Skilara advanced far faster than expected, becoming a very economic power inside their galaxy.

Currently: Carolus still leads his people, often donning the armor he wore when he killed the previous king to remind his people to never forget the past. He is preparing for an invasion by The Ambassador due to a long history of tension between Skilara and the I.C.E.