"Worst. Hero. Ever."
― Everyone about Ben

Name: Ben Dover

Aliases: The Protagonist, Failure Man, Worst Hero Ever, The Man Who Will Make You Question Humanity

Age: 22

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Theme: Avenue Q - It Sucks To Be Me

Powers: Owl Neck, Booty Breath, Hair Color Manipulation, Nail Color Manipulation, Carrot Transformation, Annoying, Hindsight, Adhesive Secretion

Motto: "I shall protect humanity from all plights!"

Quotes: "You vile fiend! How dare you attempt to hurt these civilians! If you want to attack them, you'll have to go throu- OW STOP HITTING ME!"

"Prepare to feel my power! For I am the most powerful person you will ever meet, and I use my powers to protect those around me!"

Origin: Growing up, Ben wanted to be a superhero. So when he found out he was a Meta-Human, he decided to become one. However, his powers are terrible and he doesn't realize it. Thinking he's invincible, he constantly tries to "protect" people, but always just ends up getting in the way of common people and getting himself almost killed.