In human form

"He stalks you. He follows you. You cannot hide from him. You cannot run from him. He will devour you."
― John Walsh, a victim of Bairre

Name: Bairre Sheehy

Aliases: The Boogeyman, The Irish Boogeyman, The Night-Walker, Nightmare, Daniel Kilduff, The Skin Jumper, Scarecrow of Flesh

Age: 24

Species: Meta-Human (Cursed)

Alignment: Neutral Evil (True Neutral in human form)

Theme: Halloween Theme

Powers: Boogeyman Transformation, Corrupted Mind, Shadow Mimicry, Umbrageous Teleportation, Shadow Walking, Shadow Devouring, Acidic Saliva, Supernatural Condition, Limb Extension, Unstoppable, Immortal Nightmare, Darkness Adaptation, Child Eater

Motto: "Run. You will not survive."


In Boogeyman form

Quotes: "God... dear god... I never meant to hurt anyone. I don't want to hurt anyone. But... at night... I feel this hunger, burning inside me! I can't control myself! The hunger is too strong! I give in... and it comes out!" "Why is this happening to me?! I don't want to hurt anyone! I need your help to contain this thing!"

"It was then, when I sank into the deep abyss of a watery grave that my dying thought was a realization. I am the Boogeyman. Nothing would change that. And for the first time, as the freezing water knawed at my flesh, with me being pulled down farther and farther... I let him come out."

Origin: The mixture of a family curse and a Meta-Human ability, Bairre Sheehy, a young Irish man, is doomed to roam the night as a flesh hungry monster only comparable to the Boogeyman. With his mind turning completely feral at night, he acts only on instinct. However, in this form, he is very calculating, using fear and hiding in shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Despite his numerous efforts, he cannot control himself.

Currently: He has had to go into hiding, as he is being hunted by the Irish police. He is believed to be in America at this moment, but this has not been confirmed.