Hellifax in his realm, Necrotia

Name: Arnold Hellifax

Aliases: Hellifax, The Reaper, The Soulkeeper

Age: Approximently 2,000 Years

Species: Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Theme: N/A

Powers: Soul TheftOccamyAethikinesisUmbrageous Teleportation, AgelessnessSoul Affinity,  Personal Domain (Necrotia)

Motto: "You are doomed. I am eternal."

Quotes: "You fool. You are going to die tonight. I am going to take your soul and you will spend the rest of eternity in Necrotia. You think this meeting was chance? I knew you would be here. And I intend to see you in Necrotia by the end of this encounter."

"Tell me, what do you value? Money? Power? Fame? All useless. I value death, and death alone. And your death will be savored by me until I find my next soul to take."

"I am death himself. Prepare to feel my cold embrace."

Origin: Arnold Hellifax was an ametuer sorcerer 2,000 years ago who learned the healing and empowering abilities of souls. Eventually mastering the technique of soul absorbing he began to terrorize the night, taking the souls of anyone he encountered. As his power grew he learned to create his own pocket dimension, which he named Necrotia.

Necrotia: Necrotia is Hellifax's personal domain, which is where the souls he absorbs go. The interior of Necrotia is a seemingly endless graveyard, with a tomb for all the victims he's claimed the souls of. When there, Hellifax becomes far more powerful and will heal from any injuries he has. When an outsider enters Necrotia, they will feel extremely paranoid and weak, and using this, Hellifax makes sure no one ever leaves Necrotia alive.

Currently: Hellifax continues to haunt the shadows, looking for souls to take and bring to Necrotia. Lawrence Grey is currently looking for Hellifax, so he can end his reign of terror. Hellifax has also recently expressed interest in becoming fully immortal as opposed to simply not aging.