Andrew Thomson
"Yep. I officially hate rain."
― John Bloggs complaining about Andrew's powers

Name: Andrew Thomson

Aliases: Hailstorm, Storm Warning, Thor, Andy Thoms, Supercell

Age: 32

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Theme: Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane

Powers: Tempestakinesis, Electric Transformation, Electrical Transportation, Flight, Supernatural Condition, Nano-Active Blood,  Electrical Immunity (Contact with Electricity grants Ability Augmentation), Supercell Form (Overburst Ability, grants Electrokinetic Creature Creation and Cyclone Spinning)

Motto: "Having fun is only worth it if there's others to have fun with."

Quotes: "Oh come on, it's just a little rain. Okay... a lot of rain. Fine. A flash flood. But you can handle that right?"

"Aloha, I'm Andrew Thomson, also known as Hailstorm. Supervillain and part time weather man for the Hawaiian Broadcast Network. I'm here to talk to you about something very special. The fact that I'm going to fry off your face with a bolt of lightning. Thanks, and have fun."

Origin: Andrew was a weatherman who was born in Hawaii. His Meta-Human ability, controlling weather and electricity, was dormant, with him not being able to access it, even after puberty. However, this changed when he entered a large field on his way home, during a storm. This storm was actually a project by the United States government to use nano-machines to control the weather. Being caught up in this storm and being struck by lightning, the nano-machines entered his blood stream. The lightning strike itself activated his dormant ability, with the nano-machines increasing it's natural power. Since that day, he'd been operating as a supervillain/vigilante, often switching between thievery and saving lives.

Currently: Right now, Andrew has decided to take a break from his criminal activities, taking life easy in his Hawaiian home.