Alonzo Black
Name: Alonzo Black

Aliases: Epitaph, The One-Eyed Jack, Wax Devil, Cowboy Crowley

Age: 42 (Currently, true age throughout all lives is unknown)

Species: Waxman (Formerly Human)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Theme: Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne

Powers: Wax Skin, Injury Immunity, Wax Control, Black Sorcery, Immortal Soul, Former Knowledge & Former Abilities, Trickster, Gun Expertise, Flawless Aim, Voodoo Doll Use, Anatomical Liberation, Lack of Organs, Poisonous Blood, Blood Curse, Aging Immunity (This life)

Motto: "Don't judge a man by your prejudice."

Quotes: "You know, you really should look into your enemies before you fight them. Maybe if you had with me you'd have known that I don't have a heart for you to stab. You'd also know that by being so close to a stab wound of mine you come in contact with my poisonous blood. So congratulations hotshot, even if you manage to kill me you're going to die of poisoning in a few hours."

"I've been around hundreds of years, friend. If you think you have any hope at beating the large amount of skills I've developed over the years, you've got quite the imagination."

"I am the man who the boogeyman fears. All of you stupid bastards who commit your little bad deeds are in for a shock. You aren't immortal. You aren't safe. Wherever you pathetic worms hide, I'll find you. And when I find you, I'll show you why they call me Epitaph."

Origin: Alonzo Black is the mortal name of one of the few immortal souls on Earth. Ever since the dawn of humanity Alonzo has been working to punish those who are amoral, and has been very good at it. In his currently life, he was born in 1867 in Arizona, where he eventually became a vigliante who hunted down Outlaws. After being left for dead after a gun fight, he barely survived and went with a friend to Louisiana, in hopes of being able to increase his power to use against criminals by "Black Sorcerery". He met with a witchdoctor who taught him the art and Alonzo became very talented at it. However, as payment, the witchdoctor took Alonzo's body, leaving him with a wax body. With his new loss of humanity, Alonzo became a far deadlier opponent, waging a whole new war on crime.

Currently: Alonzo has also learned he needs to hunt criminals for another reason: Blood. His body will not remain as wax unless it absorbs blood, due to another part of the wax curse he hadn't been aware of. So currently he must hunt criminals to also insure his own survival.