Name: Allan Creed

Allan Creed

Aliases: World's Finest, Mr. Mechanic, The Inglorious Bastard

Age: 30

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Theme: Sin with a Grin - Shinedown

Powers: Target Locked, Armed Proficiency, Anatomical Intuition, Evasive Action, Preflex, Enhanced Combat, Bullet Hell

Motto: "All that matters is flesh, blood and cash."

Quotes: "I'm not gonna lie to you kid. At this point I really wouldn't care if I didn't get paid. Killing you here and now would be all the incentive I'd need for this job."

"Being a hero really doesn't matter. You don't get recognition, money or gratitude being a hero. You're taken for granted. But when you're the bad guy, you get all of those, plus the best thing of all. You get fear."

"People are like guns. You use them until they're out of ammunition. I'm just the gun."

Origin: Allan Creed was in the US Army for years as a sniper where he learned that he could control the path his bullets take. During a close encounter with an insurgent in Iraq he also learned he could easily counter every attack thrown at him. Eventually he quit the military and became a freelance mercenary to satisfy his sadistic urges.

Currently: Allan has recently been taking jobs from the Faceless Army, and helping them with their goals. He shows great respect for Dieter, something he doesn't show for most other people. Lawrence Grey is also keeping tabs on Allan's activity.