Name: Alistair Voris

Aliases: The Priest, Dracula in a Robe

Age: 52

Alignment: Neutral Good

Theme: N/A

Powers: Holy Fire, Exorcism, Undead Physiology, Cross Sword, Supernatural Priest Training,  Divine Weaponry (Blades of Divinity, takes evil from souls that can be redeemed, uses Purification)

Motto: "The righteous smite the wicked."

Quotes: "You find yourself above retribution? I do not merely smite demons and monsters. None are above my notice, I will send all evil to their rightful home... Hell."

"Throughout time evil has triumphed in the world. No more. I have returned from the sacred land because I still have a job to do here on the earthly plane. This world has a new champion for the forces of God. That would be me."

"If there is truly not hope for you soul, you may burn like all in Hell."

Origin: After Alistair Voris' death, he somehow managed to break out of Heaven to reinhabit his body as an undead entity, after seeing how much evil was prevailing on Earth. He swore to himself that no evil no matter how small would go unnoticed by him and that his soul would not rest until all evil has been slain.

Currently: Alistair has recently worked with Lawrence Grey to fight various villains that they've found. Unlike Lawrence who will work with Viktor (begrudgingly that is), Alistair will refuse to work with him as he claims Viktor lacks a soul entirely. He is currently devising a plan to take down the Faceless Army.